After School Program

Warning: Long Post about our After School Program:
We will be opening our after school program sign-ups beginning August 3rd. Sign-ups will be done on-line so every parent has the same opportunity to sign their child up. We will be placing youth in groups according to their school. We will not be separating by age groups this school year. Also when signing up, if you do not select the correct school, your application will be denied and your child will not have a spot. We have had to implement this because we pay per online registration and it takes away spots from other youth members. We will be limited to 60 youth members for our after school program. We will offer bus services to I.C. Evans, John Tower, and Burkburnett Middle School. We will not be offering bus services to Overton Ray unless the weather does not permit them to utilize the sidewalk to the Club. When picking up at the school, youth members will be temperature checked, answer a health questionnaire, hand sanitize, and put on their mask before getting onto the bus. If a child cannot pass this, they will be sent back into the school for parents to be called. Fees are as follows: $30.00 After School Registration Fee, $10.00 weekly bus fee (if they ride the bus it will be $10.00 a week, if they ride once a week or 5 times a week the fee is $10.00). If the youth member’s membership has expired the membership will need to be renewed. The membership fee is $25.00 for a full calendar year.

This program is for our youth members to attend our facility after they are let out from school and offers a safe and structured environment for them to not only learn key components to growing up, but also to have fun! We offer multiple inclusive programs through out the week for our youth members to utilize, for more information click HERE or see our calendar page.  You can sign up at the Club or download the registration form and bring it in.

After School Program Hours:

Week / School Days

From 3:00 p.m. To 7:00 p.m.

(See Our Calendar For Special Openings/Closings)

We Pick Up From:


I.C. Evans

John Tower


Charges and Fees:

$25 Membership (unless current)

$15 Registration

$10 per week (per child)

Limited space

All previous balances must be paid off when reregestering

Have any Questions? Comments. Or Concerns! Feel free to give us a call at the club 940-569-2812